lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2016

Janis In The Blues

So I don't have to be anyone but myself, to feel anything but my own light, storm, freedom, demons, clouds... so I don't have to see anything but the world in front of me. Feeling like a fucking rockstar on a high top heroine moment...addict to the solitude, addict to the pain, addict to the numbness. Sorrow at the bottom, and sorrow at the top; leading, looking, bleeding... loving...So I don't have to be...I don't have to explain my peaceful mind out loud, my crazy mind out crazy life to you. So I just have to be myself, to love myself so much so you can fly away with me someday. Talking nonsense, nevertheless, I just have to speak truth, not coherence, not betray, not self-portrait...only raw beautiful truth.

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